X-men Prime is a One Shot that kicks off the X-men Resurrxion event. After the events with the Inhumans what does the future hold for the Xmen and why is now a good time to care? Read on to find out.

Kitty is Back

Kitty Pryde is my favourite member of the X-Men. She is at her best when she is with her family and her return is what I’m looking forward to the most. This time she will be the leader of the gang and is ready to lead the mutants in their mission to protect a world that hates and fears them. Kitty has had massive progression since her first appearance back in 1980 in issue #129 of Uncanny X-Men. From being the scared teenager working up the courage to save the day, to sacrificing herself to protect the world, to see her as the main leader is something I’m looking forward to. She has been working as a mentor for the younger generation but her stepping up like this is something to be celebrated.

Back to the Past

The aim of this one shot is to take the X-Men back to their original goals. Protecting People, Being a Family and Embracing Differences. The title of X-Men: Prime is even a call back to a relaunch issue in 1995 after Age of Apocalypse, which means hopefully Marvel are taking the mutants history seriously. The events of the mutants in recent years have been pretty grim. With No More Mutants meaning that there were only 198 mutants in existance esentially making them into an endangered species. Eventually this was all sorted after Avengers vs X-Men but then enter the terrigen mists. These mists were sterilising the mutants but were creating new Inhumans. The rumor mill was going rampant with the idea that Marvel wanted to decrease the amount of exposure for X-Men due to the film writes belonging to a different company. However now the X-Men are back and the future looks full of hope (yes I really said that).

The Future of the X-Men
The future is looking great there are NINE new Xmen titles being released after Prime. X-Men Blue, X-Men Gold, Weapon X, Cable, Generation X, Iceman, Jean Grey, Astonishing X-Men, Old Man Logan and All New Wolverine will be continuing. If you want an X-Men title you’ve got it. To prepare yourself for these issues X-Men Prime is co-written by Marc Guggenheim of X-Men: Gold, Cullen Bunn of X-Men: Blue, Dennis Hopeless of Jean Grey, Sina Grace of Iceman, James Robinson of Cable, and Christina Strain of Generation X. With Ken Lashley will providing the art for this issue. This is a great point to jump in with the X-Men, it’s not a reboot but it is a pause and that’s all you need to get involved with the children of the atom.

X-Men: Prime is released 29th March 2017. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below or just let me know who your favourite mutant is.