This is the first time I’ve been genuinely excited about Batman in around seven years. When I started reading comics Grant Morrison was writing Batman and I became obsessed with the series instantly, when New 52 came around and DC gutted their entire roster the character just didn’t feel the same. Court Of Owls just didn’t grab me and after that nothing really drew me back in.

Years later I’ve heard plenty about how great Tom King is, and after trying Grayson and Omega Men and even though I’m a big fan of both Dick Grayson and Kyle Rayner these titles just weren’t for me. It still didn’t feel like the DC Comics that had captured my attention so many years ago. I decided that this Batman book was going to be my last venture into King writing for DC…and I’ll be damned he’s done a fantastic job.

This feels like a real Batman book, there’s moments of comedy and emotion, with an all around sense of new life being breathed into characters and that makes for an enjoyable read.

The introduction of Gotham and Gotham Girl lead to obvious comparisons to everyone’s favourite Kryptonian’s Superman and Supergirl. The different direction given to them and their interaction with Batman is enough to keep you interested in how their story is going to progress.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that Batman feels much more human than he has in years. There’s more to him than brooding here, more than just the shut-in that can overcome all odds, which is enough to draw me back into the caped crusaders escapades.

So hats off to Tom King and DC Comics, I’m back on board and can’t wait to see what else King has in store world’s greatest detective.