Empress is a story of escape. Escape from a world, relationship and a truly terrible dictator. Emporia with her bodyguard Dane are racing across the Galaxy with her 3 children to escape her terrible Tyrant of a Husband, Morax. 

Mark Millar (Civil War) & Stuart Immonen (All New X-men) have teamed up to bring us this Sci-Fi adventure series which can easily be compared to Saga. Though a lot more tame than the Brian K. Vaughan epic, this story is all about family and space, so it’s very easy to draw a comparison between the two.

Stuart Immonen does a great job on the art front. Combat is a big part of this story and Immonen does a great job making combat exciting but easy to follow. The colour palatte is very bright which helps keep you engaged in the story. 

I’ve had a mixed history with Millar in the past and I didn’t have high hopes for this book but I was pleasantly surprised. Each of the characters are very likeable in their own way, some good twists, great combat scenes that all add up to make a story that’s actually just a fun read

This story doesn’t give us anything new or groundbreaking but it was very enjoyable and I will be carrying on with the series.  If you are a sci-fi fan like me I’d advise picking it up and you’ll probably not regret it.