Getting into comics can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to superheroes, shared universes and decades of history. I still remember standing in a comic shop staring bewilderingly at the Spider-Man section with no idea where to begin. Faced with dozens of different runs for the webslinger, each seemingly claiming to be the start of something, what chance did I have?

So with that in mind we’re going to be taking some time to put together a few articles about good entry points for new readers, so first in our crosshairs? The Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight – Batman.

Haunted Knight – Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale

In 1993 Loeb and Sale started a series a Halloween One Shots the first three were collected in this one volume, which was followed in subsequent years by The Long Halloween and Dark Victory.

Considered as a continuation of Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One this series serves as an excellent starting point and introduction to Loeb and Sale’s creative styling. After the universal reboot caused by Crisis On Infinite Earths, these volumes are all but considered the canon Batman origin story (with the inclusion of a few others including Year One and The Man Who Laughs)

This series incorporates dark, stylised artwork and excellent writing with the use of as many classic Batman villains as you could want. Which could be a perfect introduction to those who’ve played recent Batman games and love the rogue gallery they establish.

Batman & Son – Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison has a pretty lengthy bibliography behind him, ranging from Doom Patrol to New X-Men he’s worked on plenty of titles many of which for DC Comics. His love for the Dark Knight and his history comes across excellently throughout his run showcasing the entire Bat family, along with heroes and villains old and new, all of which starts in Batman & Son.

After Talia Al Ghul surprises Bruce Wayne with the introduction of his son Damien, pretty much all bets are off, and with the Black Glove lurking in the shadows planning the Caped Crusaders downfall this is a series that delivers at every turn.

Much like Haunted Knight this run paves the way for plenty of tie-ins and additional reading, “Batman Reborn” appears on the covers of plenty of titles from this period including Batman & Robin, Greg Rucka’s Batwoman, Tony S. Daniel’s Batman solo series and Red Robin, seriously I could keep going there’s loads of great stuff here.

The Court Of Owls – Scott Snyder

Now New 52 was DC Comics idea of giving all readers an easy jumping on point, and Scott Snyder’s Batman run was well received by many.

This eponymous volume introduces The Court Of Owls as a never before seen enemy of the Bat. Sending Bruce on a downward spiral stalked by Talon as confusion and madness reigns supreme.

As the New 52 series begins with an eagerness to focus on new villains and a total reboot of the characters this is a great starting point for anyone not wanting to feel over encumbered by the lengthy history that comes with many Batman titles.
By all means let us know where you started with Batman, and if you’d recommend it as a good starting point for new readers in the comments!

Or if you’re looking for an intro to another character let us know and we’ll put them in our sites for our next article!