If our list of Marvel books we’re looking forward to in 2017 wasn’t enough for you, here’s the DC Comics version!

Justice League Of America – Steve Orlando & Jody Houser

We’re going to see four JLA One-Shots establishing the new teams core members, Vixen, The Atom, The Ray & Killer Frost, now these might not be the characters that first come to mind when you’re thinking about the Justice League, but they’re a pretty strong bunch to include for sure. It’s also perhaps worth noting that three out of four are making appearances in DC’s TV universe, which could show that they’re going to put more of a focus on the characters a lot of viewers-turned-readers are interested in.

Now although art duties are going to different artists for each One-Shot, the writing is safely in the hands of DC favourite Steve Orlando (Supergirl, Midnighter) and Jody Houser who alongside some great work at Valiant has recently become involved with DC’s Young Animal imprint (Faith, Rogue One, Mother Panic).


Batwoman – Marguerite Bennett & Steve Epting

Another hero who’s due to receive the Rebirth treatment is Batwoman, since her first appearance way back in 2006’s 52 – Kate Kane has proved to be a fan-favourite, and there’s good reason for that.

Marguerite Bennett is picking up writing duties and as much as Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III are pretty tough acts the follow it’s fair to say that the title will be in good hands with the Bombshells and Angela writer. Factoring in Steve Epting’s art (Might Thor, New Avengers) I’d say you’re onto a winner here.


The Wild Storm – Warren Ellis & Jon Davis-Hunt

Following the success of the Young Animal imprint (curated by Gerard Way) DC have gone on to announce the return of their Wildstorm imprint, which will be accompanied by Warren Ellis’ return to DC comics as both a writer and curator for the imprint. First to be announced if The Wild Storm which will be writen by Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Nextwave: Agents Of H.A.T.E.) with art by Jon Davis-Hunt (Clean Room)
The title itself will reset the Wildstorm universe and reintroduce WildStorm characters such as Grifter, Voodoo, The Engineer and Jenny Sparks.


Super Sons – Peter Tomasi & Jorge Jimenez

Originally billed to be a part of the first phase of DC Rebirth, Super Sons is all about Superboy and Robin teaming up, now Peter Tomasi has a great list of DC titles under his belt, including Superman, Green Lantern Corps, Batman and just about any other hero you can think of, while Jorge Jimenez is no stranger to big titles either having previously worked on Superboy, Batman, Wolverine and the X-Men, and a fair few others you’ve most definitely heard of.
Although the premise of the book sounds incredibly promising “best frenemies teaming up to save the world”, It does feel like the question has to be raised of why none of this could take place in Teen Titans, another title that looks to be taking a focus on one Damian Wayne. There’s a certain sense in recent years of DC playing up to good marketing, rather than embracing teams and characters that have brought in a lot of fans in the past. So although I’m positive about this title I do have some concerns regarding how long it will endure.


Kamandi Challenge

Not so long ago DC announced plans to revive Jack Kirby’s Kamandi – y’know the last boy on Earth? Disappeared after Final Crisis never to be seen again? Nevermind. Kamandi was one of Jack Kirby’s creations, and to mark what would have been Kirby’s 100th birthday we’re going to see the Kamandi Challenge, in which a 12-issue series will make The Last Boy On Earth it’s focus, with each issue being passed to a randomly paired artist and writer. Making for a unique series with seemingly limitless possibilities, the series could go anywhere at any point, but as you’ll see below, the teams for each issue are pretty intriguing to say the least:


  • Issue #1 by Dan Abnett &Dale Eaglesham
  • Issue #2 by Peter J. Tomasi & Neal Adams
  • Issue #3 by Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner
  • Issue #4 by James Tynion & Carlos D’Anda
  • Issue #5 by Bill Willingham & Ivan Reis
  • Issue #6 by Steve Orlando & Philip Tan
  • Issue #7 by Marguerite Bennett& Dan Jurgens
  • Issue #8 by Keith Giffen & Steve Rude
  • Issue #9 by Tom King & Kevin Eastman
  • Issue #10 by Greg Pak & Joe Prado
  • Issue #11 by Rob Williams & Walter Simonson
  • Issue #12 by Gail Simone & Ryan Sook



So what are you looking forward to from DC in 2017? Or what are you hoping to see that hasn’t been announced yet? Leave your comments and let’s get talking about this!