The elevator pitch for Black Magick? Essentially, After being personally invited to a hostage situation, Rowan Black – Portsmouth Police Detective by day and Witch by night – finds herself investigating a series of suspicious deaths whilst simultaneously attempting to uncover who’s behind the magical aspects of these deaths as someone seems to be gunning for her and her fellow witches from behind the scenes.

Which is an interesting spin, the Witchcraft almost takes a back seat in the first five issues of Black Magick creating an interesting backdrop whilst ultimately allowing for some time to focus on the characters, laying the groundwork for Rowan and the people around her – both in the police department and the Witches coven – almost creating a sense that this is a world that existed before this volume, and therefore creating a history to draw from, something that Greg Rucka is well accustomed to after spending time writing for both DC and Marvel.

Now although the writing remains strong throughout the entire volume, building mystery and intrigue whilst also establishing an interesting mix of characters not to mention balancing magic and police work. Nicola Scott really steals the show at times with persistently stunning artwork highlighted with a perfect use of colour among a primarily monochrome visual.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been a Greg Rucka fan since The OMAC Project and I’ve enjoyed his work ever since, which is the first reason I decided to pick up Black Magick. Honestly I think every other Rucka book I’ve read has been entirely superhero based so seeing him work in a totally different genre is pretty interesting from the offset. He truly demonstrates the ability to shape any world he sees fit and conjure up his own intriguing characters within Awakening, add to that the outstanding artwork of Nicola Scott and I can only hope there’ll be more issues in the not so distant future. Black Magick is a great read and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a book that balances Magic and the real world.

Review by Zach.