Double D is the new graphic novel from Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos and Illustrator Steven Horry.

For those familiar with Eddie’s previous work it should come as no surprise that Double D is everything you want it to be and more, incorporating Argos’ often seen use of humour balanced with honest and relatable characters.

Danny Carter is an average teenager (with a slight weight problem) in an unassuming England town, spending his days gorging on cake and keeping the school bullies occupied. Until one day he discovers he can burn his excess body fat to achieve incredible feats! Such as lifting cars and other such items that are often difficult to lift and jumping average sized sheds in a single bound!

Obviously he’s going to be the hero suburbia deserves, but with one problem, crime isn’t all that easy to stumble across on the streets of a quiet town.

Now I’m not afraid to confess, I’m probably the biggest Art Brut fan you’re never going to meet, but even I was more impressed by Double D than I ever expected to be. Aside from the initial and somewhat unlikely premise (although is anything that unlikely in a world where Image comics have brought us flesh eating psychic detectives and orgasms that stop time?) Double D tells a tale of heroics, deception, betrayal, love and the importance of breakfast dessert.

Argos brings a writing style to Double D that show just how long he’s been a comics reader waiting to write his own book and Horry’s art style compliments the story perfectly, giving a more realistic look at a classic comic book style.
It is worth noting that Double D was released directly as a collected edition so it’s hard to say when the next installment will be coming, but let’s hope it’s not too far away!

Double D will have an accompanying soundtrack written and performed by Eddie Argos, expected for release before the end of the year.


Review by Zachary Whittaker