Not many books start with the main character on fire in a straitjacket but Wolf is one book that does.
Antoine Wolf thinks he is immortal add to that and the ability to see the dead makes him a pretty strange guy; but when you’re surrounded by vampires, werewolves, and your best friend is a guy with tentacles for a face, it’s hard not to be a bit strange.
Wolf is a particularly strong lead character with this “Wolf will fix it” attitude from the supporting characters gets you on his side early on and makes you think he can do almost anything.
When an orphaned girl appears on Wolf’s doorstep he realises things are going to get stranger and does his best to help her find the truth to her parents death, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
The supernatural angle of this book is a big part of it but there are other important issues handled here such a racism and the treatment of women which add to the stories depth.
Wolf is set in LA which has been the home to many supernatural stories and is a great setting for this book as is a major hub for crime which is dealt with well in this story.
It is written by Ales Kot, art by Matt Taylor, Colors by Lee Loughridge, Lettering by Clayton Cowles, and Designed by Tom Muller.  It is hard to believe that so many people were involved in this book as the writing and art complement each other so well; the team work really well together to achieve their vision.
Taylor’s artwork nicely protrays the look of Los Angeles and blends in supernatural elements perfectly when combined with Loughridge’s palette.
Wolf has a nice balance between the supernatural and crime which gives fans of either genres something to enjoy.


Review by Sarah Booth