Who doesn’t like the idea of Cowboys and Sci Fi mixed together. Look at Firefly all the spaceships flying around and a crew of misfits working together to cause all kinds of trouble. This is what East of West is about surely?
No, this is the story about the end of the world. The four horseman are back well three of them anyway (War, Famine and Conquest). Death is missing. The story is about how the Seven Nations of America (Armistice, The Union, The Confederacy, the Kingdom, the Endless Nation, the Republic of Texas, and the PRA of Mao) cope with there immient demise.

The art style is great and has a limited use of colour which suits the western fell of this book. The writing style of Hickman is fantastic the use of flashbacks to tell parts of the story is great as it tells us previous events without giving too much away. Some of the main characters seem overpowered to the extreme but what do you expect when dealing with the four horseman really? Also a few of the characters introduced seem a bit cliched for a western story, with the mysterious Native American’s and Gun weilding cowboys I don’t think that’s a bad thing but it has been done before and I do really like those characters.

Overall this is a good book and as apolocalypic stories based in a dystopian future with cowboys it’s up there


Review by Sarah Booth